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Quantity Surveying

Zeal Engineering quantity surveyors provide financial advice throughout the life cycle of a project. Our pro-active approach to contract management means we can identify any potential concerns at the outset of a project, solve any arising issues, and provide ongoing advice and assistance to our clients. Our Quantity Surveying services includes but not limited to the following:

  • Feasibility and Viability

  • Cost advice and Planning

  • Preliminary Detailed Estimates

  • Procurement and Contract Advice

  • Bill of Quantities Preparation

  • Tender Preparation and Adjudication

  • Price Negotiation with Tenderers

  • Contract Administration

  • Budget Monitoring

  • Payment Certificates Preparation

  • Variation Order Preparation

  • Financial Report and Cash Flow Projections

  • Final Accounts and Close Out Reports

  • Claims and Dispute Resolution


  • Assessing and managing risk in the context of OHS.

  •  Investigating workplace accidents and safety-related complaints

  • Performing site inspections and safety audits.  Producing health and safety reports. 

  • Conduct safety training and education programs, and demonstrate the use of safety equipment.

  •  Develop and maintain medical monitoring programs for employees.

  • Maintain and update emergency response plans and procedures.

  • Provide new-employee health and safety orientations, and develop materials for these presentations.

  • Recommend measures to help protect workers from potentially hazardous work methods, processes, or materials

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We are Environmental Consultants. We offer holistic Environmental Management services which include:


  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

  • Basic Assessments (BA)

  • Site investigation and Assessment  Environmental Screening

  • Environmental Management Programme/Plans (EMPr)

  • Public Participation Process and Stakeholder engagement

  • Environmental Training

  • Environmental Monitoring and Auditing  Contamination Land Assessments

  • Specialist investigations (Air, Ecology, Water, Wetland, Heritage and etc)

  • Licensing Applications (Mining, Water, Waste, Atmospheric Emission)

  • Carbon Footprint Analysis