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Through direct contact with our clients, we render the best services to all our clients in amongst others in the following engineering design fields:

Electrical Engineering

Zeal Engineering Consultants offers consulting engineering services in the field of electrical and electronic engineering disciplines.


We have contributed to and completed a substantial profile of electrical infrastructure projects to our varying client departments across all the provinces in South Africa. Some of our notable clients include City Power, Eskom and Thavhani Mall. The scope we cover includes:


  • Feasibility Studies

  • Substations and Distribution Projects

  •  Building Services Designs

  • Cost Management and Contractor Management

  • Network modelling using Microstation, Digsilent, ReticMaster, PowerOffice

  • Integrated Security Systems (Fire Detection, Access Control, Security and CCTV)

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Emergency Power Systems Design

Engineering Plans
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Civil / Structural Engineering

Our civil/structural engineering designs are developed to support an architectural design idea and functionality for client use.


Our services are compatible with the latest design and construction technologies that are governed by the relevant standards, specification and our quality control plan procedures.

The scope covered includes the following:


  • Land Surveying

  • Geotechnical Studies

  • Sewer, Water and Storm Water Reticulation

  • Structural Designs (Commercial, Municipal, Residential, etc)

  • Water Retaining Structures

  • Substations

Mechanical Engineering

We deliver superior value, flexible, cost effective, and integrated engineering solutions in compliance with the latest design/construction international and local codes and standards across our extensive project portfolio. A summary of the mechanical scope is outlined below:


  • Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning

  • Wet Services

  • Fire Rationale Designs

  • Fire Protection

  • Water Treatments Plants

  • Geohydrology Studies, Borehole and Elevated Water Tank Designs

  • Lift/Hoist Designs

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Our geotechnical investigations are carried out according to the SANS specifications and /

or requirements as well as other relevant international standards.


Our approach towards geotechnical investigations and analysis typically comprises one or a

combination of the following:


  • Near-surface test pitting

  • Deep-seated augered trial hole investigations

  • Rotary cored borehole investigations

  • Dolomite stability investigations

  • Geotech investigations for residential, commercial and industrial developments

  • Dynamic probe super heavy (DPSH) testing

  • Problematic soil conditions

  • Bulk earthwork operations (Excavability)

  • Lateral support systems

  • Soil improvements recommendations

Land Surveying


Setting-out of buildings, roads and civil services. Upon construction completion we do as-built surveys to check if construction was done to specifications.




The scope of work comprise:

  • Beacon Relocations

  • Sectional Titles

  • Servitudes

  • General Plans



We do topographical detail surveys to enable the engineers and / or architects to determine where the position and elevation of topography and assets are on the land.



We do measurements after construction to verify if the design integrity has been maintained throughout construction.



We produce topographic, as-built, volume and cadastral plans in all CAD formats.



We calculate volumes of materials required for different types of developments before and after project completion.

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