As Zeal, we exist to serve the common good, working with various clients,
programmes and initiatives, across different markets, with the purpose to improve
service delivery and quality of life in general.



We provide services for sectors such as Infrastructure, Buildings, Energy, Mining, Rail, Property, Transport and Water. By working through diversified portfolio of clients, initiatives and programmes across multiple markets, we have managed to establish long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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Our professionals have a wealth of experience in the industry spanning over a
period of more than 50 years servicing various clients in both public and
private sectors.


Over the years we have developed customized solutions to
offer our clients unparalleled service and value for money. Our commitment to
finding unique solutions to resolve complex engineering problems sets us
apart from our competitors.


Our plan is to diversify our portfolio to pursue opportunities locally and internationally and
forge partnerships with established companies to leverage on their expertise
and create access to international markets.